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Intro - Focus on Learning

Focus on Learning

Focus on Learning aim to correct learning difficulties which arise from dyslexia through their Davis Dyslexia Correction programs in Sydney.

A certified Davis Dyslexia facilitator will help children and adults who are suffering from dyslexia to address the issue, do something about it, and reach the goal of correcting and eliminating challenges in learning.

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Dyslexia Treatment Sydney | NSW

Davis Dyslexia Programs are found to be effective and enjoyable means to improve one’s ability to focus and eliminate difficulties associated with the learning disorder dyslexia.

This personally tailored program is administered by a qualified Davis Dyslexia facilitator in a relaxed and supportive environment, in a one-on-one manner.

Resolutions of issues related to dyslexia are handled through recognition and mastery of the existing talents, knowledge and skills of the person diagnosed with dyslexia.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program benefits both children and adults. Improvements in comprehension, reading accuracy and learning will be evident after a week or two of intensive daily participation in the program.

Learning Difficulties

Learning Difficulties

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Dyslexia CorrectionFrom North Sydney to Wahroonga

Focus on Learning’s Davis Dyslexia Correction Program is recommended for individuals diagnosed with dyslexia and those who exhibit the following difficulties:

  • Poor organisational skills
  • Poor sense of time, mixing dates
  • Difficulty in recognising letters and reading words and signs
  • Difficulty in recognising sounds of letter that leads to mispronunciation
  • Sequencing problems
  • Poor fine motor skills (such as controlling a pen)

The Multisensory Approach of learning used in this program facilitates better learning as clients make use of all of their senses to better remember and understand what they are writing or reading.

It is a creative and hands-on program that eliminates the anxiety in learning and subsequently engenders motivation and better focus to correct problems related to the disorder.

Bets Gregory is the licensed Davis facilitator who has always been passionate about helping people become more confident in their skills and talents, and to use these abilities in overcoming their difficulties and perceived limitations.

Focus on Learning helps those with learning difficulties embrace their gifts by improving their abilities and eliminating their difficulties through the following programs:

  • Davis Attention Mastery Program
  • Math Program
  • Reading Program
  • ADHD Program
  • Dyslexia Assessment and Diagnosis



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Summary - Learning Difficulties - Focus on Learning

Professional Dyslexia FacilitatorFrom Epping to St ives

So whether it’s you or your child, or if someone dear to you is suffering from the stigma of learning disabilities, allow the experts at Focus on Learning to assist through their interventions that promote confidence and better skills to manage learning difficulties.

Focus on Learning Davis Dyslexia Program is here to help you triumph over your learning disorder and turn you into a skilled, competent, positive and confident individual.

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You can also contact Bets Gregory of Focus on Learning by phone on (02) 9402 9202 or through email at info@dyslexiatreatmentsydney.com.au.